A Psychosexual Evaluation, also known as risk evaluation, is an evaluation that is typically ordered as part of a court proceeding. Sometimes evaluations are ordered as part of a child protective services case. The purpose of this type of evaluation is twofold:

A psychosexual evaluation consists of one or more interviews with the client. Questionnaires, indexes, and assessments will be completed including sexual inventories specifically designed to evaluate sexual behavior problems. Contacts may be made with the client’s family, attorney, investigating office, community service officer, treatment providers and/or others who may be involved and can verify a client’s personal and offense history.

Do I need a psychosexual?

Individuals often call us asking to schedule a psychosexual evaluation, but it is possibly not necessary. Unless a court has specifically asked for this type of evaluation, you may not need one. If the goal is to diagnose problematic sexual behavior and make treatment recommendations that can be done with a diagnostic assessment and psychological testing.

A psychosexual evaluation includes risk evaluation and review of court, past treatment, and other documentation. If those things are not necessary, then you may not need a psychosexual evaluation.

Sometimes, we are asked to conduct a psychosexual evaluation of a child. Generally, this evaluation is appropriate for adults and adolescents. If your child has been referred for a psychosexual evaluation, we can help, although the evaluation would likely not be classified as a psychosexual.

Will my insurance pay for a psychosexual?

We are often asked if insurance will cover a psychosexual evaluation. Many insurance companies will say they cover court-ordered or forensic evaluations, however, a large portion of a psychosexual evaluation is considered not medically necessary and is therefore not billable to insurance.

Our goal is to make the evaluation affordable for the client, these are notoriously expensive evaluations. We are happy to discuss our fee and payment options with you if you are ordered to complete a psychosexual evaluation.

What if I can’t get to an office to do the evaluation?

These evaluations can be completed at our offices or a location such as a probation office, residential treatment facility or correctional institution. If you live a great distance from our offices and getting to us would be difficult, we can also conduct these evaluations using teletherapy. This would require you to have access to a computer and a reliable internet connection.

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