Emergence Behavioral Health

Emergence Behavioral Health (EBH) (a merger of Forensic Mental Health Specialists, PLLC and the clinical services of Sawyer Solutions, LLC) was born out of a shared mission to provide personalized and effective treatment services. EBH is a multidisciplinary outpatient mental health practice that provides a variety of services to individuals and families, and specialized assessment and treatment services for the courts. Clinical staff are experienced in diagnostic assessment, client education, individual, marital, family, and group therapy.


Emergence Behavioral Health was founded on the concept of providing high quality, individualized services to our clients. Created with the belief that our client’s needs are the most important, we are committed to meeting those needs. Much of our business is from referrals by people who know and trust our work.

Our philosophy is that we can begin to understand human behavior by listening carefully to fully understand the issues or problems. We use research informed methods when they are available. We take time to thoroughly understand the problems in the context of which they occur which leads to unique solutions that are designed using evidence-supported practices.